Acqua Filette

Since 2005, the first historical account about the Springs dates back to 400 B.C. and proves that it was already known by the Romans. They dedicated the springs to Venus, marking the connection between the goddess and the vital element of water. Today, a sculpture stands among the water streams to witness this peculiar symbolism. The source is located in the town of Guarcino, in the Frosinone Province, and has an annual flow rate of about 50 million liters. The company monitors and guarantees its products at each stage of the production process, from customer service to graphics and design, from bottling to distribution.

Made in Italy
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Our range of water:

  • naturally still water 750ml
  • naturally still water 375ml
  • gently sparkling water 750ml
  • gently sparkling water 375ml
  • very sparkling water 750ml
  • very sparkling water 375ml

WATER FILETTE has been awarded a Superior Taste Award with 3 Golden Stars

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