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Custom made products

Do you need a special recipe produced just for you?
We can make it!

Superior quality

Do you need a superior quality at an affordable price?
We can satisfy you!

Wide distribution

Are you located outside Victoria?
We can deliver
Australia wide


Since 2010

Food Art Distribution was born as a natural development of Arancini Art aiming at satisfying the increasing needs their growing portfolio of clients.

As the Australian market is refining its appreciation of the Italian cuisine, the hospitality industry has become more and more demanding on quality and service.

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Who we supply

our mission

With more than 8 years of experience in Australia and an Italian heritage still flowing in our veins, we have the skills and the passion to provide the best from start to finish, and after!

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What they Say About Us

Gianluca - D.O.C. Deli Mornington Peninsula

“This is not just bout arancini. The range they offer is wide and the quality consistent. We wouldn't change supplier for any reason!

Ana - Salzano Delicatessen

Thanks to their service and products we can always offer the best to our clients and they know it!”

Jo Sabatino - Good Food and Wine Show

“Love their products, arancini were a nice size for my boys to eat! Lovely flavour and easy to prepare! Great anytime, keep some in the freezer for a quick bite to eat! Yum

Silvana - Boccaccio Cellars

Our clients love all Arancini Art products! We know we can rely on their quality and customer service”

Sue - Provincia Food Store

Quality, flavour, consistency and customer service: we can't ask for more!”

Frank Raco - Carlton Italian Festa

“Well...what can I say. I tasted them at the Italian Festa for the first time and I was hooked. Delicate, delicious and what a variety of flavors to choose from.

Lorenzo Tron - Shop 25

Arancini made like Nonna used to... easy to store and cook and they never disappoint any customer! Great customer care and excellent help to find the best product for my business!!! Thank you guys I really appreciate the effort even though I am just a small pizzeria!”

Giovanni Vitali - Italian Wine and Food Festival

Best Arancini in Australia... so much taste and passion in the same single little ball... lovely and healthy... the only problem is they are never enough!”