Semolina, free from impurities, meets the purest water to create the unique taste of Pasta Fabianelli. Pasta Fabianelli is produced daily, when the long grains of wheat, carefully sorted, meet the purest water. A manufacturing process where tradition, modernity and technology combine with strict controls, passion and attention to the details.

Made in Italy
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Our range of products:

  • spaghetti (catering)
  • spaghettoni (catering)
  • linguine
  • rigatoni
  • penne rigate
  • mezze penne rigate
  • orecchiette baresi
  • gnocchetti sardi
  • farfalle
  • caserecce
  • fettuccine all'uovo
  • taglietelle all'uovo
  • pappadrelle all'uovo